Invite Stefano to your kitchen

Invite Stefano to your kitchen

Our wines


To liven up Stefano's Italian table we needed something to drink. Something good and organic! Cheers!

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our soups


Soup should be good for you and our soups are just that. They’re slowly simmered, like a homemade soup, and made with clean, wholesome and real ingredients and a lot less sodium than other leading brands. And best of all, they're ready to serve!  

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our sauces


Only the simplest and most authentic ingredients, seasoned with family know-how and a pinch of Montreal’s Little Italy. 

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Our pasta


Our sauces were lonely! So we offered them the perfect partner. A line of pasta made with bronze dies and slow drying process which gives them a porous surface and better texture. Result the sauce clings better to the pasta. A true love story.  

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our meatballs and sausages

meatballs and sausages

After teaching the art of  meatball and sausage making at the family cooking school, Stefano had the idea of offering the same tradition and quality at a grocery store level.  

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our olive oils and vinegars

olive oils and vinegars

Any good recipe starts with a good olive oil. Our extra virgin olive oils are produced from 100% Italian olives grown by a family owned farm in Sicily since 1916. And a good olive oil deserves a good partner! So we found the perfect match for it: balsamic vinegar and a white wine vinegar condiment!    

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our pizzas


If your friends don't love pizza, find new friends. 

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Our Tiramisù


Just one bite of our decadent tiramisù made with mascarpone, coffee-soaked Italian sponge cake and cocoa powder is all it takes to fly you to Italy. Without the jet lag.

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Our Spread


Our hazelnut cocoa spread without palm oil is gluten free and made entirely in Quebec. It has 20% more hazelnuts (than you know who!) and high quality cocoa which will delight young and old. For breakfast or simply to indulge…its time to stop staring and start spreading! 

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our Panettones


A traditional Italian holiday bread. The perfect gift when visiting family and friends or a secret ingredient for your holiday dishes. Stefano’s panettone is available for a limited time from November to January!  

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