Vegan Bolognese
Vegan sausage and mushroom
tomato sauce

Vegan Bolognese


The perfect match!

Many people were asking for it, so we secretly organized a blind date between our traditional tomato sauce and pee protein made here. It was love at first sight and a new classic was born. Same great taste and meatless!

Italian whole peeled tomatoes · Plant-based ground (water, pea protein [pea starch], vegetable oil [canola, coconut], pea protein isolate, natural flavours, modified cellulose, yeast extracts, citrus fibre, tapioca starch, gum arabic, konjac gum) · carrots · mushrooms · extra virgin olive oil · onions · celery · sugar · garlic · lemon juice concentrate · sea salt · herbs · spices (contain chilies) ·

  • Gluten
  • Tomato paste