An authentic story Just like our food

An authentic story
Just like our food

The secret is in the sauce

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The brand

It all started with the idea of offering a real Italian tomato sauce in grocery stores. Authentic, simple and good.

A sauce like our mothers. We started with 4 classic flavors. Prepared in Quebec with Italian tomatoes from the Striano region, near Naples, Italy. Made with real ingredients without any preservatives or added sugar. Our sauces quickly won the hearts of Canadians. Other sauces and products have emerged, including pasta, frozen pizzas, Italian sausages, meatballs and much more. All of our products share the same attention to detail with simple and real ingredients.


The founders

In 2013, we started our journey in the restaurant business.

We are a perfect match and there is no better way to attest to it than the fact that we opened 4 successful restaurants in only 5 years: Impasto, Pizzeria Gema, Chez Tousignant and Vesta! Let’s also not forget our latest, and not the last, project: our products!

Stefano Faita

In my family, cooking is a big part of our lives. It isn’t an obligation or a hobby but a way of life. At the heart of our day-to-day, cooking is celebrated in the most traditional way: eating together.

I had my first cooking experiences as a young boy alongside my mother and grandmothers.

In 2013, my partner and friend Michele Forgione and I started our great journey in the restaurant business.

Michele Forgione

In 2011, I met Michele when he was the chef at Osteria Venti in Old Montréal. He was often praised by many for his great talent in Italian cuisine… and rightly so. I became an immediate fan of his cooking, but, most of all, of him as a person. We quickly developed a great friendship.

We also shared a mutual dream: to have our own restaurant.

In 2013, we took the big leap and started our first restaurant, Impasto, in Little Italy.


Our restaurants

A taste of real italian cuisine

48 Dante street, Montréal

At Impasto, we celebrate Italian cuisine in an easy-going yet refined way, using the freshest local ingredients. The timeless design of the restaurant, with its use of natural elements ressemble a modern-day Italy.
6827 St-Dominique street, Montréal

It’s the neighbourhood pizza joint with a warm and friendly atmosphere! Gema offers a selection of seasonal starters, pizza, frozen custard… all made in-house.
6956 Drolet street, Montréal

What is Chez Tousignant’s mission? Bring back the respect the old-school snack bar had in its glory days! From the bread to the hot dog, everything is homemade and prepared with local products. Tous Chez Tousignant!
206 Jarry E. street, Montréal

It’s a neighborhood pizzeria. A place to enjoy Italian american food, made from local and homemade ingredients accompanied by a carefully selected wine list. Vesta is the Roman goddess of home and family. Make yourself at home.


La régie

Who says Italian meal, says family and friends.

We are lucky to have several close by to equip us, share our passion and quench our thirst!

The Régie is our wine agency that represents products from winemakers who practice wine making on a human scale, respecting the environment and the soil from which grow their grapes.

It is in the heart of Little Italy in Montreal that you will find our family business established since 1956. Back then loyal customers were able to purchase everything from nails, hammers and paint. Today Dante hardware store is a place where any amateur or professional cook will come to find anything they need to be happy in their kitchen. Elena Faita and her brother Rudy Vendittelli are still behind the counter of this Montreal instituition.

In the early 90s, my sister Cristina convinced my mother to share her expertise beyond the counter of the family hardware store. In the apartment adjacent to Dante they founded the Mezzaluna cooking school. For more than 25 years night after night Elena teaches thousands of students her knowledge and love of Italian cuisine.