All together to help La Tablée des Chefs

November 13th, 2018

Because taking care of yourself begins with taking care of others. From November 1st to the 28th at IGA, 0,50$ will be donated to the Tablée des Chefs for every jar of Stefano sauce sold. Our goal: 25000$!

Familiar with La Tablée des Chefs work?

La Tablée feeds people in need through food recovery program in hotel and restaurant industry / feeds over 500000 people across Canada and recovers over 200 tons of edible excess food that was otherwise thrown to waste.

La Tablée also work on Food education in 125 High Schools in all regions of Quebec and 20 schools outside Quebec in 4 other provinces. They reach over 3000 teenagers and develop their culinary autonomy through the Kitchen Brigades program that runs every weeks with a chef in each school ! 

La Tablée also runs a program for at risk youth coming from Child Protection Agency and Foster care so they can take care of themselves and become independent in the kitchen once out of the system ! They reach over 400 teenagers in all regions of Quebec. 

It’s time to fill your shelves!