About Me

In my family, cooking is a big part of our lives. It isn’t an obligation or a hobby but a way of life. At the heart of our day-to-day, cooking is celebrated in the most traditional way: eating together. The perfect moment to talk, share a laugh and of course… argue. A ritual passed on from generation to generation.

I had my first cooking experiences as a young boy alongside my mother and grandmothers. They would spend hours and hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking with a great deal of love and passion. I may have never formally studied cooking but I learned so much by observing my family in the kitchen for many years!

My first job: selling vegetables at the Jean-Talon Market with Teresa, my maternal grandmother. Furthermore, I started assisting my mother at her cooking school Mezza Luna. There, I learned all the secrets of Italian cuisine. Little by little, I made my own way in the inspirational world of food.

Josée di Stasio offered me my first TV break when she invited me to her show À la di Stasio to make pizza. That first experience led to many other opportunities that paved my way in the cooking world. I wrote culinary articles for 8 years at the Journal de Montréal, and appeared in numerous TV shows: Kampaï, Al Dante, In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita and Arrive en Campagne. I have written 3 cookbooks: Entre cuisine et quincaillerie, Entre cuisine et bambini and Je cuisine italien, published by Trécarré.

In 2013, my partner and friend Michele Forgione and I started our great journey in the restaurant business. I would never have had the courage to embark on that venture without him. We are a perfect match and there is no better way to attest to it than the fact that we opened 3 successful restaurants in only 3 years: Impasto, Pizzeria Gema and Chez Tousignant! Let’s also not forget our latest, and not the last, venture: our sauces!

It is alongside my mother Elena and my partner Michele Forgione that I defined my culinary identity and became an entrepreneur. Their common love for cooking, perseverance and hard work have been truly inspirational to me.

Michele Forgione

Michele Forgione

In 2011, I met Michele when he was the chef at Osteria Venti in Old Montréal. He was often praised by many for his great talent in Italian cuisine… and rightly so. I became an immediate fan of his cooking, but, most of all, of him as a person. We quickly developed a great friendship. We also shared a mutual dream: to have our own restaurant. In 2013, we took the big leap and started our first restaurant, Impasto, in Little Italy. I felt confident in our success because Michele had so many assets to bring to the business: great knowledge of cooking, professional pastry training and lots of work experience in renowned restaurants… not to mention that we both were greatly inspired by our mothers’ cooking.