About Me

In my family, cooking is a big part of our lives. It isn’t an obligation or a hobby but a way of life. At the heart of our day-to-day, cooking is celebrated in the most traditional way: eating together. The perfect moment to talk, share a laugh and of course… argue. A ritual passed on from generation to generation.

I had my first cooking experiences as a young boy alongside my mother and grandmothers. They would spend hours and hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking with a great deal of love and passion. I may have never formally studied cooking but I learned so much by observing my family in the kitchen for many years!

My first job: selling vegetables at the Jean-Talon Market with Teresa, my maternal grandmother. Furthermore, I started assisting my mother at her cooking school Mezza Luna. There, I learned all the secrets of Italian cuisine. Little by little, I made my own way in the inspirational world of food.

Josée di Stasio offered me my first TV break when she invited me to her show À la di Stasio to make pizza. That first experience led to many other opportunities that paved my way in the cooking world. I wrote culinary articles for 8 years at the Journal de Montréal, and appeared in numerous TV shows: Kampaï, Al Dante, In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita and Arrive en Campagne. I have written 3 cookbooks: Entre cuisine et quincaillerie, Entre cuisine et bambini and Je cuisine italien, published by Trécarré.

In 2013, my partner and friend Michele Forgione and I started our great journey in the restaurant business. I would never have had the courage to embark on that venture without him. We are a perfect match and there is no better way to attest to it than the fact that we opened 3 successful restaurants in only 3 years: Impasto, Pizzeria Gema and Chez Tousignant! Let’s also not forget our latest, and not the last, venture: our sauces!

It is alongside my mother Elena and my partner Michele Forgione that I defined my culinary identity and became an entrepreneur. Their common love for cooking, perseverance and hard work have been truly inspirational to me.

Elena Faita

Elena Faita

My mother Elena left her native Italy in 1954 and settled in Little Italy in Montréal with her two brothers and sister.

Very young, she became involved in the family business, the Dante hardware store, founded in 1956 by her father and her two brothers. Today she runs the shop with her brother Rodolfo. Little by little, she developed a close relationship with her clients and shared her passion for Italian cuisine. With my sister Cristina, she opened the Mezza Luna cooking school in 1993, where she still teaches today. I truly believe that she has been a great ambassador for Italian culture and cuisine here in Québec.

Michele Forgione

Michele Forgione

In 2011, I met Michele when he was the chef at Osteria Venti in Old Montréal. He was often praised by many for his great talent in Italian cuisine… and rightly so. I became an immediate fan of his cooking, but, most of all, of him as a person. We quickly developed a great friendship. We also shared a mutual dream: to have our own restaurant. In 2013, we took the big leap and started our first restaurant, Impasto, in Little Italy. I felt confident in our success because Michele had so many assets to bring to the business: great knowledge of cooking, professional pastry training and lots of work experience in renowned restaurants… not to mention that we both were greatly inspired by our mothers’ cooking.